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Customer Spotlight: SmarTeks

This month we're featuring Robert Miranda, owner and founder of SmarTeks. Since opening his first location in Barstow two years ago, the business has expanded to a second location in Ft. Irwin.

Most impressively, Robert is still only 23 years old!

Robert, we're so impressed by your success! How did you get started in this business? Is this what you saw yourself doing?

I've been repairing since I was 13 years old. I stumbled into it out of childhood necessity - my family couldn't afford to buy the newest things or replace things if they were broken. So it was either, I had to do something about it, or I wouldn't have a game console or a skateboard or whatever it was. I always saw myself as a problem solver and a solution provider. I didn't think my passion would take me this route until I was in my later teens. Now I'm doing what I love and have the ability to spread that through our services.

What is the most fulfilling part of your work? Where do you find inspiration in what you do?

I love the bigger picture. The reactions of people we help gives us the motivation to continue to grow.

It's also rewarding to see how all of our team members are intelligent and have their own specialties and together we make the company whole. At this point my staff really isn't staff at all. We're family.

What is one thing most people don't understand about your business/industry that you think they should?

Repairing is an alternate solution to buying new items. With repair, we are able to get the longest life out of our devices, cars, appliances, houses, etc. Repairing phones specifically helps prevent "e-waste," creates jobs and opportunities, and can help someone in need with a frustrating phone problem. It really is about solving problems and providing solutions for the consumer.

When you aren't working, what are you doing?

Enjoying life with food and activities. Balance is key to having a healthy lifestyle.

If you have something that needs repair, check out SmarTeks!

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