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Customer Spotlight: Kim Hammack: Rising to Meet a Need

When Kim Hammack called us just over a year ago, we were thrilled to be able to save her $300/year on her car insurance. Then we discovered how active she is in the community.

After over a decade of working as a social worker and leader in local organizations, Kim realized there was a need for more resources to benefit foster youth in San Bernardino County. In response, she founded On the Rise Inc.

OTR strives to get youth involved in every aspect of the organization from planning events, to interviewing potential OTR staff members. The children and youth that OTR serves are the focal point of all services.

OTR is currently in the process of securing a contract to provide transitional housing for foster youth that choose to stay in extended foster care until the age of 21. In the interim, OTR is hosting fundraisers and community outreach events to raise awareness about the needs of local foster youth.

As a featured customer, Kim received a donation from Stewart's United Agencies to the charity of her choice (of course she chose OTR!).

Learn more about OTR, their mission, and how you can help at their Facebook page.

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